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the Beginnings

In January of 2022 God gave Jean an assignment: create an online Christian magazine for children ages 5 to 10 years old. She never had any idea of doing this and didn’t know how to do this. But God confirmed His message to her, and with the help of wonderful friends she is creating just such a magazine. StarLight Magazine: Shining God’s Truth through Children’s Literature.

the Contents

Jean and friends completed the first issue in November of 2022. Plans at this time are to publish four times in 2023. Perhaps we can move to six times by 2024 if God provides the money, the volunteers, and the writers.

We are accepting submissions! See our Writers Guidelines Page. Publication in Starlight Magazine is non-paying at this time.

Each issue will include the following features:

    • Fiction for ages 5-7

    • Fiction for ages 8-10

    • Devotion

    • Retelling of one of Jesus’ parables

    • A coloring page for the Retelling of the parable

    • Poems

    • Biography of a notable Christian historical figure

    • Short Bible verse puzzles

    • Short Bible quizzes

    • Bible Trivia

    • Creature Feature – facts about amazing creatures

    • Star Stuff – interesting facts about heavenly bodies

    • Short nonfiction about animals or plants

I am overjoyed that God has provided a volunteer graphic designer to layout the issues. That is a HUGE deal. Thank you, Helen Jimmie Weigt.

Our Needs





StarLight Magazine Logo - Fun, Faith, Fiction, & Facts

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